How is my sales commission paid? allows stores to pay influencer commission using a variety of methods:

  • By PayPal
  • By store credit (single use, fixed amount discount code)
  • By bank transfer

To see which of these methods a store supports, please go to your dashboard's link/code section and see the policy column.

Who pays me? or the store?

The store will pay you via, using their chosen payment method.

When is my sales commission paid?

To ensure that your commissions are always correct, we impose the following rules on a store before they can pay your commission:

  • Your commission will not be paid for orders that have not been paid by the customer or fulfilled by the store (i.e. delivered to the customer)
  • Orders must be at least 30 days old (this is a default, each store has a different wait period).

The above constraints protect all parties from incorrect payments which, can occur due to customer refunds, changes or fraud.

What if the order is cancelled?

If the order is cancelled, commissions will not be paid. An order may be cancelled due to fraud, refund or incorrect use of (i.e. self-orders, bots, link/code spamming).

What is the difference between commission owed and commission payable?

Commission owed is the total unpaid commission that you have earned.

Commission payable is <= commission owed. It is the amount of unpaid commission that can be paid to you this time. It is based on the store's payment rules. I.e. referral orders must be paid and fulfilled and must be older than 30 days (to compensate for order refunds, cancellations etc).

How do I setup PayPal with

You must:

  • Ensure that your email address is the same as your PayPal account. You can also add your email address to an existing PayPal account if that suits you. To change your email address, click your profile picture on the top right of the app and then click my account.
  • In PayPal, ensure that your PayPal account email is confirmed (verified)
  • In PayPal, ensure that you have linked and verified a non-expired credit card or bank account to your PayPal account
  • In PayPal, go to the currencies page and ensure that your account accepts the currency used by the store.

Is PayPal required?

The majority of stores prefer to use PayPal. However the store may choose to pay you via bank transfer or via in store credit (i.e. single use fixed amount discount code).

What happens if a customer returns a product or changes their order?

We only allow commissions to be paid out for orders that have been fulfilled and are at least 30 days old. This prevents incorrect commission payments from being made. We also track the full life-cycle of orders. This means that we track order changes, refunds and cancellations so you can be assured that influencer rewards are always correctly calculated.