Can I have multiple stores?

If you have multiple shopify stores with the app installed to each, you can manage them all from a single login. For technical and billing reasons, each Shopify store will require a unique install of the app.

To manage multiple Shopify stores from a single login, you must ensure that each Shopify store's admin email uses the same email address. With this approach, you can view/manage each of your stores individually by toggling between them in the app menu.

I have multiple stores, can I use a single install to manage both?

Please see Can I have multiple stores? above. You may wish to considered a single shopify store approach instead. A single shopify store, can support different URLs (top level or subdomain) and different currencies. This approach will reduce your maintenance complexity and reduce your shopify plan / app costs.

  • Multiple URLs per store: You can have multiple top level URLs ( and or subdomain URLs (, send users to your store.
  • Multiple currencies per store: Your customers will see/transact in their local currency, but your Shopify store will use a single currency of your choice for all product prices/order amounts. All orders will convert the local transaction currency, into your store's currency.