Each influencer is given a unique, personalised link and discount code to your store. We've compiled a FAQ guide to help you understand how they work.

  • The lead will be sent to your store (I.e. either your home page or a product/collection page (see below))
  • We track the lead using a 30 day tracking cookie in their browser.
  • The lead's shopping cart will be pre-filled with the influencer's discount code. Note: If the lead makes a purchase and doesn't use the discount code and; that purchase was made within the 30 day cookie tracking window, then the order will still be rewarded to the influencer.
  • We update our statistics and notify both the merchant and influencer of the lead event

Yes they can. You can configure this behaviour for all influencers, using your promotion policy rules page. You will want to set the link behavour rule for each influencer group accordingly.

Influencers can also create ad-hoc product/collection specific links. This is useful when they want to promote a specific product in their marketing. For information on how this is done, please see the influencer guide's tutorial on creating product or collection specific links.

Yes. You can change this setting in vwa.la. Go to my account > store settings.

No. Only the the influencer who created the last lead is paid sales commission.