How to create a TEST influencer account

If you wish to test the platform as an influencer, you can create a test influencer account using your influencer sign-up link.


Replace with your domain name.

When you open this link in your browser, you may see the below screenshot.

This is because you are already logged in to as a merchant. In this case, you need to either 1) log out of and; then re-open the sign-up page or 2) open the sign-up link in a new browser session (i.e. Chrome = incognito, IE/Edge/Firefox = new session).

Important - You must disable our fraud system during testing has a built-in anti-fraud system. This system prevents a influencer from creating personal orders.

If you have created a test influencer and are creating test orders, you must first enable personal orders before creating your test order. When you have finished your testing, you can then disable personal orders.

You can enable/disable personal orders via my account > store settings > business rules.

How to bulk import influencers from another app

For those of you who are moving to from another app, we can help you auto-load your influencers into your account. All we need from you is an Excel/CSV file with their account details. Most apps will provide an export feature, if not, you'll need to manually create this file. Then simply email the file to and we will handle the upload process for you.

At a minimum, the file should contain the following fields:

  • Name

  • Email

  • A unique personalised influencer id (used to create a link/discount code). This must not conflict with an existing discount code in your store.

Optionally, the following fields are also highly desirable:

  • Facebook/Instagram/Youtube/Twitter username

  • The influencer group that they should be added to. I.e. Normal, VIP.

Example CSV file contents