In your influencers earn sales commission on all orders that they create for your store.

How are orders linked to a influencer?

An order is credited to an influencer if the following conditions are true:

  • The customer who made the order followed the influencer's link to your store.
  • The customer who made the order used the influencer's discount code in your shopping cart.

We use cookies, local storage and IP matching to track your influencer leads. These trackers exist for 30 days and then expire.

You can customize your lead tracking time window and/or disable link based commissions from My account > Store settings > Business rules.

How order commission is calculated?

Each influencer is given a unique, personalized influencer link and code.

When an order is received, we use the rules that you've specified in your promotion policy to calculate influencer commission. Commissions are calculated on the pre-tax and shipping value of the order.


  • The influencer commission for Sarah is 10%
  • Sarah has generated an order for the store worth $100. $110 including taxes and shipping.
  • Sarah's commission is calculated as 10% of $100. Which is $10.

How do I customize commission (promotion policy)?

You can customize your commission rules from the promotion policy page. Your promotion policy is like a sales campaign. You use it to organise your influencer marketers and control their behavior / rewards. You can also segment your influencers into groups and reward them differently.

How commission is paid?

Please see our payments guide


Q. What happens if a customer returns a product and I already credited my influencer for it?

We only allow commissions to be paid out for orders that have been fulfilled and are at least 30 days old. This prevents incorrect commission payments from being made. We also track the full life-cycle of your orders. This means that we track order changes, refunds and cancellations so you can be assured that influencer rewards are always correctly calculated.

Q. What type of influencer reward structure do you support?

You can declare a percentage of your orders to be paid as commission to your influencers. Our research has shown this strategy to be the simplest and fairest approach. You can also create influencer specific promotions that allow you to reward different individuals differently (i.e. your VIP influencers)