How we can work together to ensure influnecers to the right thing

Most influencers who join your marketing program will do the right thing by your brand. Occasionally you will find influencers who misuse their influencer discount codes by creating personal orders or by spamming them across the web.

What we do

To protect you from this issue, we have a robust anti-fraud system that automatically detects and blocks personal orders. You'll receive a notification from us when such an event occurs.

What you can do

Here is what you need to do to protect your brand:

Be exclusive

You can disable automatic approval of new influencer sign-ups and force influencers to provide their social media accounts. This can be done via my account > store settings > business rules. This has the added benefit of making your marketing program feel more exclusive.

Define your T&Cs

We recommend you outline your T&Cs to all new influencers clearly. This can/should be done by ensure that you have customised the followed:

  • Create a T&Cs page and add a URL to your T&Cs page to your sign up page (via my account > store settings > signup page). You can use this guide as a template.
  • Customise your new influencer welcome email template (via my account > store settings)
  • Ensure your promotion policy is correctly set up

Cancel their account

If you no longer wish to partner with the influencer, you can delete their account (from the influencers page) or you can revoke their account temporarily (from the influencer codes page).

Cancel their order commission

You can void any influencer commission that they have earned. You can do this from the orders page. Simply select the orders in the table that you want to cancel and then click the 'Cancel commission' button at the bottom of the page. If you make a mistake, this can be reversed.