You can reward influencers differently by segmenting your influencers into groups. You can then set group specific commission rules in your promotion policy.


  • Go to the influencer page
  • Select the influencer group tab and create a new group (you can re-name groups by clicking on the name column).
  • To assign 1 or more influencers to a group, go back to the influencer tab. In the influencer table, select 1 or more influencers and in the action menu, click 'change group'. You can then choose the new group for the selected influencers.
  • Once you have finished creating groups, you must go to the promotion policy menu and configure the group's commission rules.

Create / re-name influencer groups

Assign 1 or more influencers to a group

Then go to the promotion policy page and configure commission rules

What group names should I choose?

It is common to use influencer groups to create tiered commission structures for your influencers. Here are some common naming conventions that you can use:

Suggested pattern 1

Bronze (rename the default group)

Suggested pattern 2

Newbie (rename the default group)

Suggested pattern 3

Tier 1 (rename the default group)
Tier 2
Tier 3

These are just suggestions. You can get as creative as you like :)

Is there a best practise for naming groups?

We recommend that you do not add promotion details (i.e. 15% off) to your group names. This is because it is likely that a group's commission policy will change over time. For this reason, we prohibit symbols from being included in group names.