How do I sign-up influencers?

Below we've outlined a few approaches that you can use to sign-up your influencers.

We have created a branded invite link for your store. Share this link to allow new influencers to sign up.


Simply replace with the domain name of your store and then share the link. The great thing about this link is that it's branded and it pre-fills the influencer sign up form fields with your store's promotion policy. The sign up page's behaviour can be customised via my account > store settings > sign up page.

When an influencer signs up:

  • They must choose a unique, personalized influencer ID (i.e. jen).
  • We uses this ID to automatically create their influencer link and discount code for your store. E.g. link =, discount code = jen.
  • The ID must be unique to your store. I.e. it must not be the same as an existing discount code.

Option 2: Invite customers to become influencers from your website

When you install, we automatically install a lightweight widget into your store homepage that will take care of:

  1. Educating your customers about your influencer marketing program and;
  2. Signing them up as influencer marketers.

You can disabled or customise the behaviour of the widget via my account > store settings

Option 3: Create a landing page on your store

Another great strategy is to create a page on your site. The page will introduce your customers / influencers to your influencer marketing program. The great thing about this approach is that it creates a branded marketing funnel that is sure to catch the attention on potential influencers and will go a long way to increasing your sign-up conversion rate. If you choose to add a page, you may want to consider hiding your in-store widget (option 2).

Option 4: Invite customers to become influencers via email

If you have an email list of existing customers or brand subscribers/followers, you can create an email marketing campaign to educate/invite those contacts to join your influencer marketing program. Many of our merchants use Mailchimp or Klaviyo for this purpose. Note: Our app also has Mailchimp, Klaviyo integration for sycning your existing influencers to those platforms.

Option 5: Promote your influencer marketing program on your social media channels

If you have existing social media channels (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube), you can post about your influencer marketing program to raise awareness. If you want to increase the market reach of your post and improve your targeting, you can convert your post to a paid advertisement. This is easy to do on both Instagram and Facebook and does not need to be an expensive exercise. Experimenting with minimal spends (i.e. $10) to measure engagement is recommended.


Do you provide influencers?

Your store is automatically listed in our influencer marketplace. This allows influencers to discover your brand/products and optionally, join your marketing program. These 'organic' influencer sign-ups can help grow your marketing program and can assist in creating a continual stream of promotional activity for your store.

Note: You can hide your store from the marketplace via my accont > store settings > marketplace.

There are two groups of people that you want to engage.

1. Convert your customers into influencers

We recommend that you invite your best customers to join your influencer marketing program. You can do this easily using option 1 and 2 mentioned above. What we really like about both of these approaches is that you're guaranteed to organically build an influencer network of people who really respect and care about your brand and products.

2. Partner with social media influencers

We highly recommend that you partner with high value social media influencers. These people will become your VIP influencers. It's no secret that direct engagement with the right people on social media can generate substantial leads and sales for your store. Just make sure that the people you approach have a direct synergy with your brand.

With this approach, you may wish to consider creating an influencer specific promotion (i.e. sales campaign) for your VIPs. This will enable you to entice and manage these VIP influencers with a tailor made commission policy.

We hope this helps you towards your own success. Still have questions? Or need help getting started? Get in touch, we're here to help :)