This was a massive release for the team! In this release we have a couple of key customer facing improvements, but mostly we've made a number of large internal improvements which will set the platform for to continue to grow into the future.

What's new:

  • Referrers can now be assigned to a group. This means that you will be able to assign group specific rewards in your promotions. In the long term, this means we can also provide group-level reporting.
  • The promotion feature has received a large number of internal updates which will soon make it possible for you to have greater flexibility in how you structure your referrer / customer rewards. It will also make it possible for us to eventually implement a customer loyalty point system. If this is something you want, please reach out and let us know! That way we can prioritise our resources.

Other fixes:

  • Improved the general performance of the database
  • Fixed an issue with code uniqueness checking
  • Made our referrer link and code logic must more robust and able to self-heal if the event that is affected by another installed app.

As always reach out if you need anything :)