We've just released a new version of vwa.la. This week we focused on various product improvements fixes: Changes include:

  • Emails sent to your referrers are now branded. They'll use your store name and will be branded with your theme.
  • You can now disable the in-store widget for mobile only devices. This is useful when you'd like to display the widget on desktop devices, but not on tablets, phones etc.
  • We've optimised our stats engine. It's now much more efficient which means we can comfortable handle large transaction volumes.
  • We've improve the referrer dashboard experience. It's now simpler to understand and shows all of their key information at first glance.
  • We've added an order conversion rate stat to your dashboard.
  • We've spent some extra time giving our docs some love. We'll be making more improvements in this area over the next week or so.
  • Various improvements to our payment system.
  • We've improved the user on boarding tour experience.