For this release, we've made a number of improvements. now:

  • Your store logo is now displayed inside of your dashboard.
  • You can now search for referrer(s) by name or email in your referrer view. This makes managing a large pool of referrers much easier.
  • When viewing an individual referrer, you can now see all of their orders at once (i.e. no table paging). This makes it much easier to pay a referrer their commission when they've generated a large number of orders for your store.
  • We've added unicode support to our notifications system so that multiple languages can be supported.
  • We've improved our self-order tracking, it's much harder now for referrers to earn commission on orders they've created themselves.
  • We've made improvements to our email handling to ensure an even higher level of security and reliability.
  • We've improved our lead tracking to ensure that lead ip changes are correctly tracked
  • We've improved client side logging to ensure that no user information is leaked to the browser.
  • We've improved our support for phone orders.

What's next?

Behind the scenes we've been hard at work on creating our merchant / influencer marketplace which we plan to release by xmas.

Thanks all for the feedback. We will start incorporating your feedback asap :)