For this release, we've focused on making the behaviour of more customisable. We have also made many improvements behind the scenes.

  • You can now configure our anti-fraud system, by enabling / disabling self-orders (my account > store settings)
  • You can also now enable/disable email notifications for specific events (my account > store settings)
  • We've added filtering to the orders table to make it easier to filter by paid, unpaid orders. (top right of orders table)
  • We've also added a new tool to the orders table (bottom of the table) that will enable you to re-fresh the status of your orders with Shopify as well as re-fresh the status of any PayPal commission payments.
  • We've made a number of improvements to how we manage billing.

What's next?

Behind the scenes we've been hard at work on creating our merchant / influencer marketplace which we plan to release in early January. We will also be releasing an enhanced referrer sign-up process that will obtain even richer information from new referrers about their social media marketing channels.

Thanks all for the feedback. We will start incorporating your feedback asap :)