Hi all,

It has been another busy week here. In this week's release:

  • We've redesigned the referrer sign-up page. It is more streamlined (simpler and more on-brand) and includes a link to the referrers' dashboard for existing users. This is very useful when you've embedded the sign-up page into your store.
  • We've also added a password confirmation field to the referrer sign up page to eliminate instances where the referrer mistypes their password and can't log in.
  • We've recently had some merchants who have brought a high amount of traffic to our platform. We want to make sure that vwa.la can handle such loads without affecting our other customers, so we've heavily optimised our lead / order event handling.
  • We've adding back support for IOS 9 devices. Previously we only supported IOS10+
  • We fixed an issue where the in-store widget colour (in a closed state only) didn't respect your primary theme colour.
  • When paying commission on orders, you can now reduce the minimum order age validation constraint from 7 days to 1.

Thanks to all who have given their feedback.