Hi all,

It has been another busy week here. In this week's release we have made the following improvements to our promotions feature.

  • Previously, you could only set a product filter or minimum order amount filter at the promotion level. Now you can now set filters differently for each referrer group.
  • Previously, product filters only affected the customer's discount. Now you can also restrict the products a referrer earns commission from to specific products. This is an advanced use case. We recommend that you only do this if absolutely necessary as referrers often find this discouraging.
  • The UX of the promotions page has been improved. By default, all referrer group rules will be collapsed.
  • We've improved the hint text at the top of the promotion page for both merchants and referrers. This should help both parties understand a store's present promotion policy clearly.
  • Promotion filters now link to the product/collection of your store. This will help referrers quickly view the products that they should be promoting.

Thanks to all who have given their feedback.