Hi all,

In this week's release, we have:

  • Improved our in-app payment feature. You can now pay sales commission out on all un-paid orders via PayPal in one step. No selection required! You can of course still pay commission on only a select number of orders at a time. We've also made quite a few usability improvements to the form.
  • We've fixed some issues where IP tracking wasn't working for clients in India.
  • We've improved our handling of POS orders to be more robust.
  • We've improved our support of partially fulfilled orders.
  • We've spent some time re-checking our security implementation and have tightened up a few areas even more. Making sure vwa.la protects your privacy is always a #1 priority.
  • We've optimised our PayPal payment processing back-end to be much more efficient.

Thanks to all who have given their feedback. We know that we haven't been publishing weekly release notes consistently. I'll make sure we do a better job of it :)