Hi team,

We've had a very productive week here. We've released some major and minor improvements to our platform that we hope you'll love.

Whats new:

  • We have released a major upgrade to our in-store integration. Your referrer signup, login and dashboard pages are now fully embedded into you store. This means from your customers/referrers perspective, they'll never have to leave your store to discover and use your referral marketing program.

  • We've released a new user on-boarding experience, for both merchants and referrers. It will make learning how to use vwa.la significantly easier for new users.

  • We've further reduced the download size of the application. The app should now load 20% faster.

  • We've fixed various issues with our Safari 10.x support. These are caused by older versions of Safari not supported modern HTML standards.

  • We've fixed an issue where unusually long HTTP referrer headers could cause lead events to drop.

  • We've improved our email template by removing our address from the footer and by making our email verification email branded. This will make our email template less confusing to referrers.

Thanks all for the feedback. We can't wait to release our upcoming feature lists, especially our in-app messaging solution!