Hey guys,

We've had another set of productive weeks here at vwa.la making various software customization and quality fixes.

  • You can now disable the marketplace.
  • Overview stats on the stats page now include tool tips to show exact values
  • We've optimized the performance of the referrer orders table
  • You can now disable IP order tracking. This means that only orders with discount codes will be tracked.
  • We have added a new column to the orders table that will indicate which method was used to track the referral order (link / code for now, later we'll add SKU tracking)
  • We've added additional checks to our anti-fraud solution.
  • We've added additional optimizations to our stats engine to ensure we stay ahead of your growth.
  • We've added order tagging and customer tagging. This will help you filter orders and customers in your shopify admin console.
  • Improved our marketplace category algorithm.
  • Fixed an issue where navigating between multiple stores within a single vwa.la account would not update the logo/store selector to show the presently selected store.
  • Added many new tests to our test suite to ensure we have excellent test coverage.