Hi guys,

In this release, we have added:

  • Mailchimp integration! You can now sync your referrer data (contact info and performance stats) to a Mailchimp list.
  • We have added performance stats to our referrer CSV export
  • Multi-language support! This is something that many have asked for and we appreciate your patience. We are progressively rolling out support for multiple languages. So far we have transcribed the sign-up and login pages to Spanish, Portuguese and German. We will be upgrading the other pages over the next few weeks. Once that is done we will be adding support for French and Chinese. As we are English speakers only, please contribute translation fixes here https://github.com/vwala/il8n.
  • We have added your referrer comments to the referrers table.
  • We have added a number of improvements in how we handle paying out commission. Specifically, we are doing a much better job of identifying and ignoring unverified PayPal accounts from payments.

Happy marketing!