Hi all,

This release is a substantial step forward for us. It includes:

  • A major re-write of our front end. We've re-written and consolidated all of our front-end sub-systems for improved design, performance, robustness and download size. This body of work sets a strong foundation for us to continue to improve our platform well into the future
  • Improved the loading time and trigger time of the in-app widget / tracker. It's now extremely light and fast acting
  • Improved merchant stats page for mobile devices
  • Added lead source stats. This is useful for understanding where your leads are coming from over time
  • We've added French and Chinese translations to our signup / login pages
  • We've added the ability to set your preferred language
  • You can now pay all commission by specific influencers
  • You can now omit commission payments to influencers who have not yet satisfied a minimum order amount or count (you can set this via my account > store settings > business rules)
  • Improved IP address geolocation
  • Improved table selection. Selections are now preserved across pages
  • Fixed a bug on the influencer page, where searching for an influencer by name would leave the influencer table data in a filtered state that could not be reset
  • You can now change the default influencer group from the influencer group page
  • Improved our handling of expired PayPal transactions
  • Automatic Mailchimp region logic to make Mailchimp configuration simpler
  • You can now embed HTML tags in your mail templates
  • Our anti-fraud logic has been improved. We've added fuzzy name matching to prevent false positives
  • Improved our uninstall / re-install flow
  • We have prevented a theoretical PayPal race condition payment scenario by adding an explicit authorisation pending status
  • Our in-app chat, support and help docs can now be hidden from your influencers (via my account > store settings).
  • You can now choose to skip notifications when approving / revoking influencer codes. You can also approve/revoke multiple referrer codes at once
  • Added mobile UX improvements to our in-app chat and marketplace
  • Your influencers now see more information on their promotion policy page. I.e. they'll see whether there a minimum order amount/count limits before they will be paid. They'll also see details of your lead tracking / commission policy.
  • Switching between stores and user accounts now correctly resets your browser's notification message cache
  • We've added the default influencer group as a label to the promotion policy page. This should make it easier to read
  • Improved the promotion policy page UX. More changes to come here
  • Improved the table UX. All tables are now the same on all pages in terms of design - actions on the left, filters on the right
  • Invoice chart labels are now clearer
  • Improved the performance of our in-app drawers, tooltips, tabs, tables and modals.
  • Added influencer code validation to the re-name code form
  • Improved the readability of the store settings page and simplified labels where required.
  • We've re-named all occurrences of referrer to influencer. This is our branding moving forward.

New mobile merchant dashboard UX

Lead source statistics

If you have any feedback let us know