Hi all, in this release:

  • We've made significant improvements to our payment UX. Payments now include richer filters, previews, receipts and many small improvements / simplications. We have also added a payment history page for payment tracking and auditing. We have also improved our invoices, by adding a full listing of commission payments made during each invoice period.
  • We've added support for the PayPal Payouts API. This means you can pay up to 15,000 influencers in a single transaction (up to a total amount of $20,000). To use this feature, you will require a PayPal business account with the PayOuts feature enabled. Please see our payment guide or reach out to us if you need further assistance.
  • Influencer links now relay UTM tags allowing for better tracking in your analytic software of choice (i.e. Google analytics). This is useful for influencer campaign and medium tracking.
  • We've added influencer group specific signup/invite links. This means you can now create custom, on-brand links to onboard influencers to specific groups.
  • We've improved our white-label support by adding 1) branded subdomain URLs (i.e. yourstorename.vwa.la) and 2) branded inbound URLs (i.e. all URLs within your emails that reference your store are now branded and also forward users to your store instead of our website).
  • We've added Korean and Japanese language support.
  • We have made significant improvements to our in-app messaging solution (beta release program)
  • Minor UX improvements to our homepage and login pages
  • In beta, we have a new promotion implementation that will make promotion policy changes for large clients much faster.
  • In beta, we have a new distributed event system that will allow us to handle millions of lead/order events per second.
  • We’ve made additional optimisations to our order processing and statistics sub-systems.
  • You can now disable the in-app support and help features
  • We’ve further optimised the download size of our in-app widget to be even smaller.
  • We’ve removed the new user email verification. It was superfluous.
  • We’ve added white-label colour theming support across the entire app.
  • You can now embed video within your new user sign-up email template.
  • We’ve released a new help centre which we have built from scratch for a better UX.

Thanks all for the feedback. If you need anything let us know :)