Hi all, in this release:

  • We've added new stats! We now track influencer referrals and payable commission. Learn more about payable commission - how it is calculated and how payable commission rules can be customised.

  • By default, the emails that we send on your behalf route replies to our support mailbox. You can now set a reply-to email address via my account > store settings > email. When set, all replies to the emails that we send on your behalf will be sent to your support email address.

  • Exports now respect your table filters/selections, allowing for fine-grained data exports. To export all, make sure that your table has no selections or active filters.

  • We’ve introduced batch processing to improve the performance and scalability of the platform. For example, updating your promotion policy will trigger all affected codes/links to synchronise in the background. Progress of background tasks can be viewed via your in-app notifications window (right side panel). The same solution applies to our data export, 3rd party app sync (mailchimp/klaviyo) and lead event processing subsystems.

  • We've added the ability to pay commission by influencer group. Use the customise section of the pay commission form to choose the group that you wish to pay.

  • We now proactively validate each influencer's PayPal account on signup and notify them of any account setup issues via their dashboard. Note: If your preferred commission payment method is not PayPal (i.e. set via my account > store settings > payments) then we will not notify your influencers if their account has PayPal setup issues.

  • We've fixed an issue with Mailchimp rate limiting changes breaking synchronisation for large merchants

  • We've fixed some issues with tooltip colours clashing

  • We've fixed some scenarios where UTM tags were not being tracked through complex link flows

  • We've improved our support for older mobile devices

  • We've made many improvements to our in-app chat solution

  • We significantly improved the performance and scalability of our in-store widget configuration hosting. This has multiple benefits, such as improved app startup times globally as well as reduced load on our real-time messaging system.

  • We've upgraded our server technology as part of our continued effort to maintain software currency and security.

  • We've upgraded our UX framework. This gave us the opportunity to adopt a better date/time picker. This should make date filtering simpler and more intuitive. The new framework also means that the application download size is improved further.

Thanks all for the feedback. If you need anything let us know :)