In this release, we have been working hard to provide the following new features:

For merchants

  • You can now add a custom T&Cs approval checkbox to your influencer sign up page. All you need to do is add the URL of your T&Cs page to my account > store settings > signup page > T&CS URL.
  • We have added TikTok integration!
  • For our beta customers who are presently using the new promotion policy features, we have added a new rule that automatically cleans up inactive influencers (based on your preferences).
  • We have improved the in-store widget UX by making it more minimal (removed the header on larger screens).
  • We have improved the store settings UX by making it better organised and by improving the rendering speed.

For influencers

  • We have improved the influencer marketplace. The marketplace UX is now mobile responsive and better promotes your brand through product images and higher resolution thumbnails.
  • Influencers can now quickly join your marketing program from the marketplace (by viewing your store's marketplace profile) or via their dashboard (by entering your URL). The entire add store UX has been improved and made more intuitive.

Thanks all for the feedback. If you need anything let us know :)