Hi all, we hope you are all well. In this release:

  • The influencer signup page now requires influencers to link at least one social media account to thier profile. This is part of our goal of better qualifying the marketing reach and fit of new influencers. You can disabled this feature, via my account > store settings > sign up page.
  • When paying commission using the pay commission feature, you can now filter payable commission by order date. This is useful when you want to pay commission only for specific dates. This filter can be found within the customise section of the payment form.
  • We improved the onboarding UX - making it simpler and better integrated with our documentation.
  • We have fixed an issue with our image CDN not showing the latest version of an influencers' picture
  • We have fixed an issue with your influencer list not appearing within ActiveCampaign's list view
  • We've made some minor UX improvements to the store settings page
  • We have fixed a number of rendering issues (menu, tabs) that caused flicker on some web browsers
  • We have simplified and fixed a number of documentation issues. Our goal is to reduce documentation as much as possible and then begin adding video tutorials.

Thanks all for the feedback, it has been another productive month :)