Hi all, in this release:

For merchants

  • We have upgraded our store credit commission payment feature. You can now pay commission by store credit to more than 1 Influencer at a time and; we automatically create single use, fixed amount discounts for them to use in your checkout. Previously this had to be done manually per Influencer.
  • We have added Twitch support
  • You can now customise the terminology used to describe your marketing team. Influencers, ambassadors or affiliates
  • Influencers can now disabled email notifications
  • We've made more upgrades to our new promotion policy feature
  • Exporting your Influencers, now includes their social media account info
  • Merchants can now manage their Influencer's details (name, email, password, social media accounts)
  • Various UX enhancements to the sign up page
  • Removed support for IE10
  • We now consistently display the billing plan comparison matrix and FAQ info on all billing plan pages
  • We now automatically clean up stale Influencers acccounts (no login, no leads, no orders and older than 180 days)
  • We now tell Influencers if their email address is bouncing.

For influencers

  • Major improvements to the join store flow. You no longer need to log back in to see your store changes.
  • Major improvements to the delete account / delete store flow