Hi all, in this release:

For merchants

  • We have upgraded all stores to our latest promotion policy system. This release includes the ability to:
    • Set influencer specific commission
    • Award customers with free shipping when they use an influencer's code
    • Set different product/collection filters at either the influencer commission or customer discount level
    • An improved and more organised UI that works well on small and large devices
    • A customisable influencer clean up rule, that allows you to either revoke access (or delete) inactive influencer's based on your criteria (i.e. days inactive, based on last lead, order or login).
    • This feature lays the foundation for the introduction of product speicific commission rules which we will implement in our next release. We are also exploring tiered commission rates, group auto-assignment rules and possibly uni-level MLM.
  • Discount codes in Shopify are now grouped into a folder-like structure (prefixed with vwala-), 1 for each unique promotion policy discount code rule. This structure provides 2 benefits 1) when you make promotion policy updates to your discount rules, this new design reduces the processing time required to update your Shopify discount codes from hours to seconds/minutes and 2) it makes your Shopify discount's page more manageable. The first benefit was the key motivation for this change, as it provides the most scalable solution for larger influencer teams. Note: The shopify discount code search bar will no longer work, this is a limitation of Shopify that we hope they resolve soon. We have asked them to fix it. If you view one of the discount folders, you'll see a list of codes.
  • You can now customise the emails that we send to your influencers when their account is approved, rejected, suspended or restored. This is done via my account > store settings > email templates.
  • We have made a number of quality improvements to our statistics engine. Large merchants should no longer experience regeneration delays.
  • You can now see your influencer's total followers on the influencer table and on the stats page (change chart to market reach)
  • We have made a number of performance and resiliency improvements to our in-store launcher
  • We have made many improvements to our PayPal edge case handling. We now ensure that recipients not only have a valid, verified PayPal account, but also that their account accepts your store's currency. We have also improved our messaging to influencers to make it easier for them to fix their issues.
  • You can now rename an influencer's code from the influencer table.
  • You can now specify which commission payment methods you support. This helps us to better manage communication/expectations with your influencer team.
  • We have upgraded our server technology and runtime stack to use the latest versions, unlocking greater performance and scalability.
  • Influencers can now restore their account if you previously suspended their account due to inactivity (i.e. specifically low performance). This allows influencers who have been absent for some time, to resume thier marketing efforts at their discretion without requiring you to re-approve their account.
  • Behind the scenes we have cleaned up many parts of the code base and added hundreds of new automated tests. This is part of our constant commitment to providing the best possible software service to you and your marketing team.