title: "UX enhancements"
meta_title: "2021-01-20"
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Hi all, in this release:
- We have added a new `test` feature to the `promotion policy` page. This will allow you to test your rules for a specific influencer, allowing you to have confidence that you've set up your rules according to your requirements.
- When revoking an influencer's access, you can now optionally mark any unpaid commission as cancelled.
- We have made a large number of improvements to the commission tracking and payment setup forms on the `store settings` page. We have also standardised and improved the messaging of the `commission payable` statistic. Collectively these changes should simplify commission rule customisation and better inform your influencer team about 1) your commission payout method and minimum performance criteria and 2) how much commission your influencer's are owed.
- We have improved the influencer profile page UX, the page now includes an `actions` menu, that allows you to approve/revoke access, change their group and change their name/email/password/notification settings. We have also simplified the code/link table.
- The `link social media` form now includes visual feedback and better validation, to make it easier for your influencer's to link their socials. We have also fixed an issue where the influencer's profile avatar did not refresh when linking a new social media account.
- We have made the default map size on the influencer/order/leads pages larger, to help improve usability.
- Many small UX improvements throughout the product.
- We have optimised the `approve / revoke` influencer action, it is now much faster and allows for up to 100 influencers to be processed in 1 action.
- We have started work on releasing monthly progress reports for `standard` plan customers (for merchants and influencers). These reports will allow you to track progress towards performance targets. It should also help to incentivise and re-engage your influencer team. This is a beta feature that will progressively roll out over the next couple of weeks.

Overall, we hope all users find this release to be simpler to learn and more enjoyable/productive to use. As always, feedback is much appreciated.